UPDATE: 35-year-old man arrested following Duluth East lockdown


DULUTH, MN — Authorities say, they have arrested a 35-year-old man, who was located at the Duluth East High School.

He was taken into custody by the Duluth Police Department and lodged at the St. Louis County Jail.

The suspect was neither a student or employee of ISD 709 but was authorized to be in the building.

The investigation is ongoing at this time.


DULUTH, MN– Officials said just before one Friday afternoon, the Duluth Police Department responded to a report of a person with a possible weapon that may be going to a local school.

“Immediately we sent patrol squads out to every school in the Duluth school district along with public, private, and parochial,” said Lt. Chad Nagorski with the Duluth Police Department.

ISD 709 leaders initially called for a lockdown of all Duluth schools after police received the tip.

But after investigating, they learned the suspect might be at or near East High School, prompting a full lockdown there only.

All other area schools went into a soft lockdown.

“In a soft lockdown it means we are moving inside, but we’re not allowing people in and outside of the building,” said Superintendent Bill Gronseth.

Authorities said they quickly located the suspect at Duluth East, who they said was an adult male who had no weapons.

“From approximately the time we received the call, contacting Duluth school district, to the time the person was detained was roughly around 59 minutes,” said Nagorski.

They also said he was not near any students when they found him.

“We know that the person that was of interest for us is the person that we’ve made contact with, and so there is no further threat to the community right now,” said Nagorski.



DULUTH, MN — We’re learning new details after Duluth East High school went into a full internal lockdown just before 1 p.m. Friday.

An alert sent to parents of students at Duluth East said police were looking for a suspicious individual, possibly in the area.

ISD 709 officials initially called for a lockdown of all Duluth public schools after police received the tip. But they later clarified that, through the investigation, they learned the suspicious individual might be at or near East High School, prompting a full lockdown there only.

All other public schools in the Duluth School District went into a soft lockdown.

Authorities say they located the suspect–an adult male–at East without any weapons, adding he was not near any students at the time.

Charges are pending, and no other details are being released about the individual at this time.

Officials say, from the time of the initial tip to the suspect’s apprehension, the ordeal took less than an hour to resolve.

Here’s what ISD 709 officials said in a brief statement to KBJR 6:

“This afternoon the Duluth School District asked all schools to go into a lock down in response to a potential threat from an individual reported by the Duluth Police Department.  The schools remained in lock down until the police apprehended the individual and the situation was resolved.”

Duluth Police also provided a statement:

“On Friday, April 5th the Duluth Police Department responded to a report of an individual making threats to Duluth schools. The Duluth Police Department responded immediately and requested all area public, parochial, and private schools be placed on lockdown. Officers at East High School quickly located the adult male suspect and took him into custody within 59 minutes of the original report. The Duluth Police Department continues to investigate this incident. Additional details will be provided when available.”

Billy Wagness

Billy Wagness


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