Wisconsin dairy industry at ‘turning point’

Wisconsin dairy industry at ‘turning point’

MADISON, WI (WKOW) — Wisconsin is America’s Dairyland, and is known for families passing down the farming tradition throughout the decades, but that legacy is in jeopardy as the industry works to over come what could be its biggest challenge to date.

There’s been a steady decline in farm numbers unlike anything the state has ever seen, and the decline is poised to change the industry forever.

“The dairy industry is fundamentally going to look different 10 years from now, as you look back at this point in time, you’d say this was a turning point,” says Mark Stephenson, UW-Madison’s Directory of Dairy Policy Analysis.

This week, we’re taking a deeper look at Wisconsin’s Dairyland at a crossroads.

We’ll tell you about the struggles for farmers, the impact on the state, and the many ways communities are stepping up to help Wisconsin’s biggest business.

That is all in a special report, which will air Friday night at 6:30 p.m.