Engebretson, Duffy lay out plans for WI 7th Congressional District

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As the Wisconsin 7th Congressional District race heats up near Election Day, Republican candidate Sean Duffy and Democratic candidate Margaret Engebretson discussed with KBJR 6 what their plans are if elected.

The two talked about issues on the economy, health care, and tariffs.

When it comes to their plans for the economy, Duffy sets to continue with the policies that have been made during his past 8 years on the seat.

“The way we do it is we continue with the policies that have been working,” Duffy said. “The president has talked about a second round of tax cuts … I’m in favor of that, and I think the more we grow, the more revenue that comes into the federal coffers.”

While Engebretson says she hopes to bridge the gap between the lower and higher ends of the economic spectrum.

“We just need to address these issues where there is a widening gap the lower end of the economic spectrum and the higher end,” Engebretson said. “This income and wealth inequality is not a good situation for our economy overall.”

Engebretson also plans to change the policies on health care by lowering costs across the entire system.

“The way we should do that us transitioning to a medicare for all — public health insurance program, so that never again does anybody have to worry about their health coverage,” Engebretson said.

Duffy says each state should decide for themselves what the best system is for health care delivery.

“And then maybe 10 years after that we can say: ‘Well, OK. What service offered the best price and the best services? And maybe we’ll make that more of a national model,” Duffy said.

And both mentioned President Trump’s involvement while discussing their plans on tariffs.

“I find it pretty worry some that the Trump Administration has placed these gigantic tariffs on certain countries, and what it’s doing is destabilizing the markets and trade,” Engebretson said.

“Now is the time to address the problem, and I’m proud of President Trump for calling other countries out that don’t treat us fairly,” Duffy said. “They want to — They want to take advantage of America? They want us to compete with one arm tied behind our back? That’s not fair anymore.”

Duffy has held the 7th congressional district seat since 2011. This is Engebretson’s first time challenging him for the seat.

Gamiel Hall

Gamiel Hall


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