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Minnesota DNR: $13.3 million funding proposal will help Minnesotans after drought warning phase

MINNESOTA-- A lot of money is needed to help recover the state after this summer's drought.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR)is proposing $13.3 million in funding to support water conservation in communities, address high tree seedling mortality, and promote shade tree resiliency

$3 million would be used for municipal, tribal, and other community water suppliers to implement proactive water conservation measures related to the built infrastructure, including finding and repairing leaks in pipes, meters, hydrants, and treatment plants, and installing water-efficient equipment.

$5.5 million would go towards re-planting public and private forest lands where seedlings were irrevocably damaged by the drought and $4.5 million in community shade tree grants.

“This year’s drought was challenging on many natural resources fronts. While the DNR took necessary steps to mitigate the drought’s impacts, in accordance with the Statewide Drought Plan, more needs to be done,” said DNR Commissioner Sarah Strommen.

“This proposal includes high-impact resiliency measures in order to conserve water and preserve our precious tree cover. This funding proposal will help protect the resources we all value and depend on for our quality of life in Minnesota.”

The proposal also includes $300,000 for an individual and small community well interference fund.

The entire state entered the drought warning phase in mid-July of 2021.

With this designation, the Minnesota DNR took a number of measures laid out in the Statewide Drought Plan, including convening the State Drought Task Force, a panel of state, federal, regional and local experts with water-related responsibilities.

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