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Trump supporter pleads guilty after punching news photojournalist

duane waldriff

DULUTH, MN-- The man accused of attacking a news photojournalist before then-President Trump's rally last year pleaded guilty last week.

71 year old Duane Waldriff of Lamberton, Minnesota was at the rally, supporting the former President.

He was caught on the WCCO photojournalist's camera, throwing a punch before the rally in September.

Waldriff was charged with 5th degree assault and disorderly conduct.

According to court documents, he pleaded guilty to the disorderly conduct charge. The other charge was dismissed.

The judge stayed a 60-day jail sentence in favor of one year unsupervised probation.

Waldriff also has to write an apology letter to the photojournalist or pay a $400 fine.

Bonney Bowman

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