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Duluth’s salt, sand collection program proves success; ‘considerable amount’ won’t pollute our water

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DULUTH, MN-- A unique Duluth program's success in keeping harmful material out of our streams and rivers has yet again proved cleaner waterways for the city.

The goal of the program is to collect as much sand and salt as possible from sidewalks, curbs, and gutters before spring rainfall moves in and washes it all into our streams.

The program ran until April 22 and collected more than 15 tons of salt and sand.

According to city leaders, that's a "considerable amount" that won't end up polluting our water.

“Any time the sand is going into streams or Lake Superior, it has the potential to cover over spawning habitats for fish," said Ryan Granlund Duluth Utility Programs Coordinator, focusing on stormwater collection.
"At that point, it becomes more difficult, and causes undue stress on aquatic life.”

Over the past four years, residents have prevented more than 75 tons of salt and sand from being washed into the waterways.

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