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2 new fire marshals hired to head Duluth Fire Department

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DULUTH, MN-- Two new fire marshals have been selected to head the Duluth Fire Department.

Serving 14 years with the department, William Chopskie and Chris Orman will both fill the two vacant deputy fire marshal positions.

Deputy Chief of Life Safety Jon Otis said the two bring an incredible wealth of experience and knowledge to the team.

Chopskie spent the first nine years within the department as a firefighter at the Headquarters Station, rotating between all three rigs. He was then promoted to a fire equipment operator and drove Rescue 1 for three years before moving to the Spirit Valley Station to drive 8 Quint for another three years.

Orman has served as a firefighter within the Department for fourteen years. Orman also served as a member of the Superior Fire Department and the 148th Air National Guard Fire Department.

Both said their previous experience would be beneficial in their new roles.

"It's a great opportunity to have had the experience because it really gets you an idea from going up through as a firefighter to a driver and then promoted into the deputy fire marshal office you get inside the buildings you know how fire is going to move through those buildings,” said Chopskie.

Orman agrees adding, it is essential to remember from your previous mistakes.

“If you don't look for the mishaps that you went through as operational firefighter, you are missing quite a bit,” said Orman.

Soon, they'll be inspecting buildings and investigating causes of fires across the city.

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