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When Minnesotans can expect to receive the Johnson & Johnson vaccine again

MINNESOTA (KARE)-- Johnson & Johnson's one dose COVID-19 vaccine is once again going into Americans' arms, after being paused over blood clot concerns.

However, many Minnesotans will need to wait a little bit longer before receiving the J&J vaccine.

As of Saturday, the Minnesota Department of Health said they are not aware of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine being administered in the state.

The state had distributed 9,600 doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine to Minnesota providers right before the pause on the vaccine.

Unused doses were stored by the providers, KARE 11 reached to some of them to see what their plans are for those Johnson & Johnson doses.

We're still awaiting an answers from Thrifty White, Cub Foods and CVS.

Target says they will stand by whatever decision the CVS pharmacies in their stores make on administering COVID 19 vaccines.

Walgreens said that they plan on making the J&J vaccine available early this week.

HyVee said they are not administering the Johnson & Johnson vaccine at this time and are meeting this upcoming week to discuss future plans.

The Department of Health says Minnesota is not scheduled to receive any Johnson & Johnson vaccine this upcoming week, but they anticipate the federal supply will be picking back up in the weeks ahead.

Despite the health warnings for certain women that the Johnson and Johnson vaccine will now have in place, Janette Eckstrom from Prior Lake says she still prefers the J&J vaccine for her family.

"I like the one and done option so that part is one of the reasons I wanted it and the kids are busy – they have school and they have work and they're both 18 and so it’s really hard to get them scheduled for two of them,” Eckstrom said.

Eckstrom said she would receive the Pfizer of Moderna vaccine if she is unable to get the Johnson & Johnson shot.

If you're not able to get the vaccine of your preference, the Minnesota Department of Health encourages getting vaccinated and says all three vaccines protect you from COVID-19.

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