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Snowmobiler Levi LaVallee to perform stunts in Duluth for video project

DULUTH, MN-- If you're out and about in Duluth over the next week, you might come across the set for a new production featuring a snowmobile stunt man.

The well-known snowmobiler, Levi LaVallee will shoot his next snowmobile video here in Duluth.

Lavalle, a Minnesota native, most recently shot a video down in St. Paul in 2016.

Mayor Emily Larson says she cannot wait for Duluth's snowmobile scene to be on the world’s stage.

“We can't wait to share this project firsthand with Duluth and with his fans which he has many, were grateful that he selected Duluth for the project and we're really excited for the world to see Duluth through Levi's eyes," said Mayor Larson.

Production will take place over the next week in different spots around the city.

City officials did not provide details on where or when exactly.

If you happen to come across production, the city is asking people to stay away for safety purposes.

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