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Expert: Keep ice dams on your radar

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DULUTH, MN-- Professionals say now is the time to be inspecting your roof for ice dams.

Hans Casperson is the owner of Duluth ice dam removal, he says these warm temperatures are when ice dams cause the most damage.

"Worse time of year is this time of the year," said Casperson.

"Now with the heat coming in and temperatures warming up, some of the snow on the roof will begin to melt and pool," added Casperson.

That pooling water if left on the roof can seep into the house and cause thousands of dollars in damage.

Lloyd Fisher who is the one who climbs up on the roof, says calling a professional to remove the ice dam is safer for you and your house.

"I've heard of other people who used hammers and other impact tools, why you don't want to do that, you are almost guaranteed to damage your shingles," said Fisher.

Fisher says using steam might take a little longer, but it will save you money in the long term.

"At minimum, it will take two hours, but depending on the job, we've had to work into the night," Fisher said.

Casperson says ice dams are caused by poor insulation, it doesn't matter how new your house is.

"It's not an issue that is just an old house issue, we go to plenty of new builds that are having ice dam problems," said Casperson.

Casperson shared that the best way to prevent ice dams is to remove the snow from the roof before it has time to melt and refreeze.

If it's already too late, he recommends only hiring a professional to climb up on an icy roof.

Meteorologist Alex Libby

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