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Duluth Schools roll out new Black History Google classroom

DULUTH, MN-- February marks Black History Month in the United States, and while many students in the Northland are still distant learning, the Duluth Public Schools Office of Education and Equity took it upon themselves to bring this year's lesson of Black heritage virtually.

"I always tell students that Black history is American history," said Integration Specialist at Laura MacArthur Elementary School, Cal Harris.

Members of the Office of Education and Equity created a Google Classroom for parents, students, and teachers to use from the comfort of their own home.

Integration Specialist at Lincoln Park Middle School, Marlon Grant said Wednesday Black History month gives everyone an opportunity to share and understand the impacts of Black heritage and culture, "One of the most important things this online class address is having all of us get out of our comfort zones."

"Office of Education and Equity organized probably about 100 plus activities, tools, and resources with a space to allow a deeper understanding of black history," said Harris.

A resource that was way overdue in the Duluth community adds Grant, "By having this information online where teachers can go in take a look to gather information and maybe implement the information into the classroom, I think is so important."

Harris adds he hopes people use the new tool to learn about the effects of racism and challenge the negative stereotypes.

"It's a time dedicated to shining light on Black achievements which I feel are often ignored the rest of the year."

Right now, there are 186 participants and staff logged in to the classroom sharing how they are using the resources and their experiences.

For more information on the Google Classroom click here.

Lyanne Valdez

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