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Essentia announces plans for public vaccination process

DULUTH, MN -- Essentia Health is laying out its plan to administer the COVID-19 vaccine to more people, including those 65 and older.

On Thursday, the state of Minnesota told hospitals, health care systems and other vaccination providers that they can now provide coronavirus shots to that broader group of the population.

Essentia spokespeople said Thursday's announcement gives flexibility to begin vaccinating anyone ages 65 and older if we have more vaccine than needed to complete Phase 1a.

"While we can’t wait to begin administering the vaccine broadly within the communities we serve, supplies currently are limited," Essentia spokespeople wrote. "We’ll continue to follow guidelines from our state departments of health, which determine vaccination priority. Please know that Essentia Health will contact you when it’s your turn."

Essentia patients are encouraged to sign up for MyChart, which will be the primary method of notification.

Once you receive your notice via MyChart, you’ll be able to schedule your vaccination.

Click here to sign up for MyChart.

There is also a MyChart app for smart devices.

Vaccine allocation and appointments are subject to change and appointments may need to be rescheduled due to vaccine availability.

The COVID-19 vaccine requires two doses, 21 or 28 days apart depending on the manufacturer.

Briggs LeSavage

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