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Duluth offers access to mobile hygiene unit for homeless

DULUTH, MN -- At the Damiano Center in downtown Duluth there is a new place for the homeless community to improve their hygiene.

This new hygiene facility includes six separate rooms that all have a shower, toilet, and access to a sink.

The facility was just delivered Wednesday and they are planning on having it open and operational in the coming weeks.

It will be located by the Damiano Center for now but has the ability to relocated if necessary.

"It is a mobile unit so it can be moved. It's here for now, but it could be moved anywhere if needed," said Seth Currier, executive director of the center.

The facility was mostly paid for with federal CARES Act money and the upkeep cost will be paid for by the Damiano Center.

Currier added that the center will be cleaned after every use, so they are planning on only being open during business hours Monday through Friday.

For now, they are planning on allowing people to use it on an appointment basis.

Meteorologist Alex Libby

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