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WLSSD finds hand grenade at Duluth disposal site, warns residents

DULUTH, MN -- Western Lake Superior Sanitary District staff is warning residents after they found an explosive device at a Duluth disposal site Saturday

WLSSD officials say they found a hand grenade wrapped in bubble wrap and found inside a metal tin in the mixed waste area at WLSSD’s Materials Recovery Center (MRC), a popular recycling and disposal site located on Ridgeview Road.

"It is believed to have been left for disposal only, not with the intent to harm," WLSSD officials said Wednesday.

Staff moved customers safely off-site and closed the MRC for the remainder of the day.

WLSSD coordinated with local authorities to transport the explosive device to a safe location.

WLSSD officials say people occasionally find explosive materials such as dynamite, TNT, blasting caps and loaders, military memorabilia, or explosive chemicals in their homes or garages.

"Explosive and reactive materials are very dangerous and should be handled with extreme caution," WLSSD officials wrote. "Residents who find explosive materials should move to a safe location and call 911. Do not transport explosive material; WLSSD facilities do not provide disposal services for these materials and local authorities will provide assistance when contacted."

It was not immediately clear if the device was live.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

Western Lake Superior Sanitary District provides wastewater and solid waste services to residents, businesses and industries within its 530 square mile legislative boundaries in Southern St. Louis and northern Carlton counties.

Briggs LeSavage

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