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Attorney General: businesses violating order will face consequences

MINNESOTA: Minnesota's Attorney General spoke out Wednesday night, saying businesses openly violating the Governor's COVID-19 order will be held accountable.

Attorney General Keith Ellison issued a statement. He said his goal from the start has been voluntary compliance, and most businesses have done that.

He thanked the business owners making sacrifices and following the rules to keep their customers, employees, and communities safe.

"I see you and I thank you," Ellison said. "You deserve our gratitude. You do not deserve unfair competition from those who are not doing their part.” 

To the businesses defying the order, Ellison said it's the wrong choice.

"I don’t enjoy using the enforcement tools I have, but I will use them to hold violators accountable and keep Minnesotans safe," he said.

Punishment can include fines of 25-thousand dollars per violation.


Bonney Bowman

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