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Wisconsin making vaccination plans

WISCONSIN -- Wisconsin is making plans to roll out its first doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The first shipment is expected to be enough to vaccinate about 50,000 people.

The first to receive it is what's being called Group 1-A, which includes health care workers, and people in long-term care facilities.

The vaccine will be free, and not mandated by the state.

There will be several hubs around Wisconsin where it will be stored, and then teams with the Wisconsin National Guard and other state agencies will transport the vaccine around the state.

Health experts are saying, even though the vaccine is here, don't let your guard down and continue to follow safety guidelines.

They say that's because it could be months before it's available to the general public.

"This is a complex process and we are ready for it, but it will take time to vaccinate all of those in Phase 1-A and beyond. While we undertake this work, the virus will still be here, and we will still be in danger of spreading it if we do not take preventative steps," said Deputy Secretary Julie Willems Van Dijk with the Wisconsin Department of Health.

The first doses of the Pfizer vaccine are expected to arrive midweek.

If Moderna's vaccine receives approval this week, Wisconsin could see another 100,000 doses arrive next week.

Reporter Anthony Matt

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