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Shipping demand increases this holiday season

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DULUTH, MN-- The holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year for package deliveries and shipping services all across the country.

Owner of Pack and Mail Plus, Crysta Reeves said, "It usually starts right after Black Friday, people usually tend to wait towards closer to Christmas but this year it started right away."

Both of Reeves' Pack and Mail stores in Duluth and Cloquet have seen an increase in business since the pandemic started.

"We've seen a steady increase each month leading up to Christmas," she said.

Meanwhile, on the Iron Range, Toner Planet in Hibbing said they're seeing more shipments come in and out of the store.

"I think more people are sending gifts in case they aren't able to go and be with their families for the holidays," said Owner Mary Rabe.

She adds, customers are sending more food items in the mail, and packages started coming in earlier than usual.

Shipping experts advise everyone to make sure packages are sent out by Monday of next week, or Friday at the latest to ensure they'll arrive for Christmas.

"That way it can get there on time. Carriers are very over-run this year with packages so time delays are significant," said Reeves.

Meanwhile, if you're mailing food or anything delicate, you'll want to plan ahead so your gifts don't get ruined.

Rabe added, "Remember to bring them in frozen if possible, in the earlier part of the week instead of the end of the week."

Shipping experts add you'll want to make sure whatever you're sending fits in the box and doesn't rattle inside.

They said it won't cost as much and the package will get to its destination safely.

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