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1 million total N95 masks have shipped to WI frontline workers

N95 mask

MADISON, WI-- In the ongoing effort to ensure that frontline workers have the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), it was announced by Gov. Tony Evers that Wisconsin has shipped its one millionth N95 mask to limit their exposure to COVID-19.

“Ensuring frontline workers, first responders, and local communities have access to PPE— especially N95 masks— has been a top priority for us since the beginning of this pandemic,” said Gov. Evers.

“I want to extend my thanks to the state workers, local emergency management, and public health partners who have played a critically important role in this process and have worked tirelessly to ensure these lifesaving masks and other critical supplies are getting where they are needed most.”

According to the release, the masks were shipped through a supply chain that was established in the spring by Wisconsin Emergency Management, the Department of Health Services, and other state partners.

The State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) works with county and tribal emergency managers to identify local needs and critical shortages. Then, shipments are sent from a state warehouse facility, based on their assessments of local needs.

The PPE distributed through the warehouse was acquired from requests made through the Strategic National Stockpile and the Federal Emergency Management Agency, along with purchases made by the state through private vendors. It is being provided by the state at no cost to those receiving it.

Additional critical PPE supplies from SEOC include:

Over 16.1 million non-surgical and non-medical face masks
Over 7.9 million pairs of non-surgical and non-medical gloves
Over 1.7 million non-surgical and non-medical gloves
Nearly 225,000 KN95 respirators
Over 393,000 face shields and goggles
Over 30,000 thermometers
Almost 279,000 containers of hand sanitizer and disinfectants
More than 94,000 coveralls
Over 424,000 foot coverings

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