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Weather Trivia – Result 11/21/2020

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The correct answer is B. January.

Many of you, including myself, was thinking it was a late winter and spring month. January is cold, but not too cold for snow. January we see the highest totals (19.4"), followed by December (17.7"), and believe it or not November is the third snowiest month (13.3"). March is a close 4th with 13.2" of snow.

Here are the results. We had 142 people answer!!!

A. November - 3% of the vote.

B. January - 15% of the vote.

C. March - 82% of the vote.

I'm thinking most people think March because we tend to get big storms in that month, but they are not consistent. Also, by March most are tired of winter, so snow is seen as more of a burden.

Meteorologist Alex Libby

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