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Pregnant Duluth woman COVID-19 positive pleads with community to follow guidelines

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DULUTH, MN-- Pregnancy is usually a time when you're supposed to be celebrated and hugged, unfortunately, that's been everything but for pregnant couples of 2020.

"Being locked down and feeling sick it was definitely a trying time," said Expecting mother, Madeleine Surges.

Surges and her fiancé found out they were expecting in March just as the coronavirus pandemic was taking off in the U.S.

"I was definitely like this is going to be difficult. Realistically I thought it was going to be done and over with by now," said Surges.

Nine months later, Surges found herself taking a different kind of test.

"It was really hard to see a positive because I had no idea what that would mean for my pregnancy," said Surges.

Surges was diagnosed with COVID-19 eight days before her due date.

She's worried she will have to deliver alone.

"At that time, they said well you know your fiancé will not be able to be present with you, you won't be able to have anyone."

Stress also piled up as she thought of what could happen to her and her baby.
OBGYN at Essentia Health, Dr. Kassing said Thursday pregnant women and their child usually do well.

"While COVID is certainly something to be worried about something we have to take extremely seriously the vast majority of women with COVID will do fine," said Dr. Kassing.

Dr. Kassing adds if you are pregnant and have COVID-19 you want to monitor your symptoms very closely, "if they have mild symptoms certainly stay home and quarantine if they have concerns about their baby, they should contact us."

Surges is pleading with the community to take every health precaution necessary.

"It's not fun to not be at Thanksgiving, or be at a bar with your friends or go out to eat but this is something that's killing hundreds of thousands of people."

Madeline is at the tail end of COVID-19 diagnosis and her fiancé remains quarantined away from her and the baby to make sure he's there for the birth of their baby girl.

Lyanne Valdez

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