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Voting in Duluth went off without a hitch

DULUTH, MN-- City officials said Tuesday night the voting process went off without a hitch, even with COVID-19 safety measures in place.

Voters had to wear masks and stand on designated marked spots six-feet away from one another and the judges.

Plexiglass barriers were in place throughout the voting rooms, as well as hand sanitizer stations.

Pens were also sanitized after each use.

One thing city officials found interesting was the number of people registering to vote for the first time this year, making the voter turnout astronomical.

"I would expect to see a very high voter turnout, we have already had 47% of Duluth residents vote early and so I think we will hit that 80% or not higher today," said Director of Administrative Services, Chelsea Helmer.

City officials say it is too early to get an exact in-person voter turnout number.

Check back for updates.

Lyanne Valdez

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