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Weather Trivia – Result 10/31/2020

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The correct answer is B.

21 Names. There are 6 sets of 21 names. They are rotated every 6 years. The only time the names change is when they are retired. Names are retired if the hurricane causes devastating destruction. Recent well-known names that have been retired include Harvey, Sandy, and Katrina. There have been well over 50 names that have been retired since 1954.

We used up all the names this year and we are now using the greek alphabet. This has only happened one other year. That will be Sunday's trivia questions.

Here are the results.

A. 11 Names - 14% of the vote.

B. 21 Names - 43% of the vote.

C. 26 Names - 43% of the vote.

Great job! Get ready for another hurricane related question Sunday!

Meteorologist Alex Libby

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