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Minnesota’s future relies on Tuesday’s ballot


DULUTH,MN-- The future of Minnesota is on the ballot this year, as all 201 seats in the state House and Senate are up for re-election.

"It's unique in that way, every four years is a busy ballot here in Minnesota," said Ken Martin, Minnesota DFL Chairman. "Of course, we have a lot of races not just up here in Duluth but throughout the state this year."

Right now, the DFL has the reigns on the House, while the Senate is controlled by the Republicans.

"We are feeling very optimistic heading into election day that we are going to hold our majority in the Senate and potentially pick up a couple of seats. And win back the State House," said Jennifer Carnaghan Minnesota GOP Chairwomen.

Both parties are confident they can gain control heading into Tuesday.

"We're working extremely hard to actually flip the Senate this year. We have a two-seat deficit. I'm fairly confident that we will on Tuesday," said Martin.
The changes in the House and Senate majority could have a large impact when redistricting starts.

During census years, district boundaries are adjusted based on that updated population.

"The legislature will be involved and have a voice in how redistricting lines are drawn. And so, it's important on the Republican side that we maintain at least one majority so we have a seat at the table," said Carnaghan.

With a divided government, what happens with redistricting will have an impact on who can gain control in the future, something Republicans say they are concerned out.

"The entire state is going to be redrawn for the 2022 election. And our concern with complete Democrat control is that you'd see a lot of gerrymandering of the lines," said Carnaghan. "So that they would create districts that would make it very easy for Democrats to win and very difficult for Republicans to win."

Meanwhile, Democrats said they plan to play fair and equal.

"Really for us, the DFL, what we're focused on with redistricting coming up is making sure that we have fair and competitive maps," said Martin. "And that no party whether it's the DFL or Republicans has an unfair advantage as it pertains to elections."

Remember all ballots in Minnesota must be turned into your clerk's office by 8 p.m. on Tuesday.

Before you could have it in by November 10th this was before Minnesota's 8th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled all ballots must be in on Election Day. 

In Wisconsin, ballots are also due by 8 p.m. on Election Day.

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