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Duluth man completes 2,500-mile longboarding journey, raises $21k for childhood hunger

DULUTH, MN-- In September Daniel Plys of Duluth started his journey longboarding the length of the Mississippi River to raise money for childhood hunger.

After 7 weeks, Plys made it to New Orleans and completed his goal of 2,500 miles for his project 2500 FOR HUNGER.

At the start of September, his goal was to raise $5,000 for Project Joy, an organization that addresses the childhood hunger crisis in the Twin Ports. Now, he has raised over $21,000.

Plys says that people's kindness and generosity kept him going when times got hard.

"Thank you from the absolute bottom of my heart like the words of encouragement and support went a long way on a lot of the really hard days and even the good days," said Plys.

Plys is set to head back to Duluth in the next few days.

If you would like to learn more about Project Joy or how you can donate, click here.

Natalie Grant

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