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Duluth East theatre program scrambles to stage show ahead of potential shutdown

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DULUTH, MN-- With the possibility of after-school activities shutting down, the Duluth East theatre department was sent into a scramble, trying to make sure their performance happened a week earlier than originally scheduled.

"The students said in sort of a unanimous way that they wanted to give it a shot and do it quickly and make sure that we could perform on Wednesday," said Greg Jones, co-director of the play.

Students in the theatre department will perform two shows on Wednesday, a week earlier than planned.

"It's been super intense. Definitely something we weren't expecting. I've been busy with my own stuff so I've been forced to shift my focus onto the show just because I know that's my top priority at the moment," said Katja Krolo, a student playing the character of Alice.

The play, entitled 'The Drowning Girls' is based on a true story about three women married to the same man, who all end up dead.

"When they came out with the news they are holding auditions I was super stoked to get to see all my friends and have a last hurrah, a senior show," said Krolo.

The three women gather evidence against their murderous husband by reliving the shocking events that led to their deaths. It's a spooky story, fit for Halloween.

"I never expected to be in a performance where I'm sitting in a bathtub the whole time but it's really been an interesting experience. It's just like a cool new thing that I've never tried before," said Krolo.

Ultimately, when the curtain opens Wednesday night, they can look back on all their hard work with pride.

"We wanted to make sure that these students as seniors and juniors had an opportunity to have a live audience and do a live show and get to have the fun of creating a story together," said Jones.

Because of the short notice, it will be a first-come, first-served basis for people who want to watch the play.

You can drive your car to the Duluth East parking lot and watch a live stream on a 45-foot screen.

The theatre departments is accepting donations at the performance.

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