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Proctor seniors lead march in protesting hybrid learning model

PROCTOR, MN -- "It's not working," that's the message Proctor students had for the School Board during their march Monday, protesting the school's hybrid learning model.

A group of Proctor seniors led dozens of other students and parents on a march from Bayview Elementary to Proctor High School. The students are protesting the hybrid learning model that the school is currently using to keep students distanced during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Students we spoke with say the current model leaves them with a bigger workload and less time with their teachers.

"It's just not working. There's too many technical difficulties as well," said Miah Switzer, a Proctor senior.
"Personally, I feel like I'm not learning much, I have to teach myself a lot of the course, and I can't imagine kids with ADHD or other learning disabilities. It's just not working."

Switzer said she'd like to see the School Board give them more time with their teachers.

Other students say they're concerned the gap in education will hurt their chances when it comes time to apply for college.

Chance Fortune

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