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Minnesota Senate approves $1.9B bonding bill in special session

ST. PAUL, MN - The Minnesota Senate on Thursday approved a $1.9B bonding bill that promises to create thousands of jobs across the state.

The bill, approved by the House Wednesday night, will cover road and bridge repairs, affordable housing, and public safety.

That includes upgrades to the Soudan Underground Mine State Park, $7.5 million to keep the prisons in Willow River and Togo operational, funding for the seawalls in Duluth, upgrades A.B Anderson Hall on the UMD campus, the St. Louis County Regional Behavioral Health Crisis Facility, and much more.

In total, it will fund $113 million of projects across Duluth, the Iron Range, and Northeastern Minnesota.

The bill now heads to the Governor's desk for his signature.

This is developing story. Check back for more details.

Kevin Jacobsen

News Director

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