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Are school snow days a thing of the past? Some districts say yes

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HAYWARD, WI-- As a kid, waking up and finding out you have a snow day is one of the highlights of many people's childhoods.

But with remote learning, those snow days could be a thing of the past.

Especially for students in the Hayward School District.

"The buildings and grounds might be closed in the Hayward School District but learning never is," says District Superintendent Craig Olson.

Olson adds it won't be too difficult for some students to switch gears to an impromptu virtual learning day should weather prevent them from getting to school.

All middle and high schoolers having electronic devices due to the pandemic makes it easier to accommodate potential snow days.

But, it'll be a challenge for elementary students as they don't take home their devices.

Olson said, "My hope is that I can somewhat predict a snowstorm and say hey make sure all the kid's preK-12 have their devices in hand when they get on the bus that afternoon."

He adds most families could become preoccupied with shoveling out their homes and cars.

"It'll look different, there will be lessons going on. It probably won't be as intensive as a regular school day," he said. "But at least something will be there and staff will be able to check-in with the students."

For those at the Hermantown School District, their students can look forward to a snow day here and there.

"For this year we're still looking at if the weather is bad and not safe for people to travel, we would do just a typical snow day," said Superintendent of Schools Wayne Whitwam.

But it's not out of the question for the 2021-2022 school year according to Whitwam.

"If I were to do it, I'd probably say let's do two snow days and anything after that we'll go to distance learning," he said. "So that there's still the excitement of having a snow day and kind of that tradition."

Whitwam adds, prior to the school year starting, district leaders had to submit how many pandemic-related online learning days they expected to have to the Minnesota Department of Education.

And there are many factors that go into having an impromptu remote learning day for those in the Hermantown district.

"We have staff that has not great internet if they live in more rural areas are you still going to your players come in and practice that evening," said Whitwam.

The Hermantown district is looking to outsource for plow drivers to clear their campuses, something the custodians are usually responsible for.

Whitwam added, "We have a limited number of custodians and those custodians have areas of the school they assigned to clean one to three, even five times a day."

District leaders said at the end of the day it all comes down to the weather.

Both superintendents said having a snow day or not typically doesn't have a financial impact on the districts.

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