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Northland voters react to President Trump’s Duluth visit

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DULUTH, MN -- On Wednesday night's presidential visit to Duluth, those supporting and opposing President Donald Trump made their voices heard just 34 days from the election.

Joe Biden supporters lined up on Airport Road in Duluth, speaking out against Trump's visit.

Biden supporters, like Renee Matson, said Biden is the better presidential choice.

"I think he will bring us together. We need something to unite us, and I think Joe Biden can do that," said Matson.

However, Biden supporters were not the only ones making their voices heard. Trump supporters were speaking out as well.

"I want to put an end to the endless war. I want to secure our borders, and I want jobs back in the United States so that middle-class people can flourish and prosper just like everyone else," said John Doyle, a Trump supporter.

Calvin Pletch is also a Trump supporter who said Trump's support for Northern Minnesota has him voting red.

"Honestly, the Iron Range is a piece to Minnesota. We need to have Minnesota turn red. By him coming up here, I hope to God that happens," said Pletch.

But, those who support Biden aren't convinced that Trump is visiting Minnesota for the right reasons.

Peter Kangas said Trump's visit is all a ploy for votes.

"I think he cares about being re-elected because he wants power," Kangas said.

The debate Tuesday night had many voters shocked, and whether you support Biden or Trump after the debate, some say they have just had enough.

"It was like watching two kids in a kindergarten classroom go at it. I will say I think Biden kept his composure well enough. The best we could do is just a couple of white dudes in their 70's. I mean it's not true," said Taylor Mills, a Biden supporter.

John Cardinale

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