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Biden announces plan for Iron Range, endorsements from northern Minnesota leaders


VIRIGINA, MN -- On the same day as President Donald Trump's campaign rally in Duluth, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden unveiled his plan to "fight for workers, create jobs, and support families" on the Iron Range.

According to a news release from his campaign, if elected, Biden will push a "Buy American" agenda.

"In his first week in office, Biden will sign executive actions to strengthen Buy American where Trump has failed, so that the massive amount of taxpayer money the federal government spends every year
on everything from defense equipment to steel to auto fleets is used on products made in America. Iron Rangers and other American workers will mine and manufacture the materials - including steel - to power that effort," according to Biden's plan.

Biden's campaign also claimed that he will "overhaul the Paycheck Protection Program … help small businesses obtain relief quickly and easily … issue flexible grants, not loans, for true small businesses that have lost substantial revenue … and address the rampant fraud and unjust enrichment that’s taken place under Trump’s watch."

Biden's plan did not mention anything about two copper nickle mines proposed for the region and the regulatory process they cotinue to face.

Click here to read Biden's entire plan.

The Biden campaign also announced 45 "Iron Range leaders," who hail from all across northern Minnesota, have endorsed the former Vice President in the 2020 election.

The list of endorsements include former Congressman Rick Nolan, State Representative Rob Ecklund, former State Representative Tom Anzelc, US Olympic Curling Coach Phill Drobnick, Kim Stokes, and USW Member John Arbogast.

“Candidate Donald Trump promised to look out for Iron Range workers, but President Donald Trump looks out for Iron Range bosses," Arbogast said. "Candidate Trump said he would bring jobs home from overseas; President Trump created tax loopholes that reward outsourcing. Candidate Trump pledged to cut our taxes; President Trump gave tax breaks to the wealthy and large corporations. As Candidate Trump returns again, he’ll offer more promises to Iron Rangers, but we won’t fall for it. It’s time to fire Donald Trump and hire Joe Biden – a candidate who will do as he says and keep his word.”

Previously, several northern Minnesota mayors, including those from Virginia, Eveleth, Two Harbors, and Babbitt, announced they're supporting Trump.

The following northern Minnesota leaders endorsed Biden:

Doug Gregor
Tom Anzelc
Tom Saxhaug
Ben DeNucci
Heidi Omerza
Fern Swanson
Judy Stanisich
Joe Sertich
Nancy Sertich
Tom Cvar
Dan Pierce
Jason Metsa
Rob Ecklund
John (Arbo) Arbogast
Mike Syversrud
Rick Nolan
Dennis Frazier
Gary Skalko
Frank Jewell
Phill Drobnick
Kim Stokes
Lauren Solberg
Ron Dicklich
Gary Lamppa
Leah Stauber
Sidra Starkovich
Leann Johnson
Edith (Beth) Peterson
Harlan Tardy
Mark Phillips
Joe Radinovich
Cammy Newman
Patrick Boyle
Keith Musolf
Amanda Metsa
Karl Sundquist
Stacey Sundquist
Carly Melin
Tony Sertich
Tallie Sertich
Lorrie Janatopoulos
Sharon Chadwick

Briggs LeSavage

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