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Minnesota forest workers head out West to support wildfire suppression

MINNESOTA -- As the battle with western wildfires continues to rage, Minnesotans are stepping up to lend their support.

Crews and workers from forest and wildlife agencies across the state have been making their way out West to support firefighters and first responders battling the blaze across California and parts of Oregon.

According to Forest Supervisor Connie Cummins, the conditions for wildfires in the West is unprecedented which has led to one of the largest mobilizations of fire and forest service workers in history.

The Superior and Chippewa National Forests have committed 15% of their workforce to the fire fight, about 70 employees total.

Meanwhile, the Minnesota DNR and Forest Service sent 51 employees for support.
Nationwide there are more than 32,0000 firefighters deployed to fight western wildfires.

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