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Duluth city attorney celebrates 50 years of work

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DULUTH, MN -- Robert Asleson knows hard work.

"Oh yes, some days are longer than others," said Asleson.

Just ask his coworkers, "Bob's work is really evident throughout the community," said Mayor Emily Larson.

On Wednesday, Asleson marked 50 years as an assistant Duluth city attorney.

"I worked with a number of people engineers, accountants, finance people, as well as the mayors," said Asleson.

Asleson's work can be seen pretty much anywhere you ago in Duluth.

"If you look over there you can see the top of the Maurices office building, I was the city's attorney on that for example. I was also the city's attorney on the NorShor theatre redevelopment project."

Asleson said while the work is in some ways the same, there is always something new for him to do.

"Always something different always something challenging, always a problem or a set of problems that need to be solved," Asleson said.

On top of the different obstacles and problem-solving challenges he faces are what keeps him going but Asleson also enjoys the "whole host of very great people" too.

"Bob's knowledge and depth and commitment I mean it is all such a tremendous gift to this city," adds Mayor Larson.

Asleson's coworkers hope he sticks around for years to come.

"As Mickey Mantle once said in his later years, if I would have known I would have lived this long I would have taken better care of myself," adds Asleson.

Lyanne Valdez

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