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9-year old provides Duluth Police with blessed bracelets

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DULUTH, MN. -- Ever since Taylor Gooch was three years old, she has wanted to be a police officer.

Now, the 9-year-old Duluth girl has started a special project, making sure officers stay safe while out on patrol.

"It's nice to help the police out and keep the community safe. My grandpa was a Marine and I wanted to be a police officer ever since I was little and now I really like helping the police out," said Gooch.

Gooch is helping the police out by giving them bracelets blessed by a priest at her old school, hoping this will make sure officers are safe while out on patrol.

"I really like helping the police, and it's nice to do that and I have a bracelet for every cop and I have one on right now to help the police and keep them safe," said Gooch.

When she meets them out in the community, Gooch also asks officers to sign a special hat, which she said shows their connection will last a lifetime.

On Tuesday, Taylor had a special meeting with Duluth police chief Mike Tusken.

He said her project goes a long way.

"We have to have relationships and want to have relationships with kids so that they have a level of trust and understanding of what we do. It's a very important part of building relationships in our organization," said Tusken.

As for Taylor's mom, she couldn't be more proud of her daughter, doing what she's so passionate about.

"Let's follow your dreams, let's make it happen and by her doing what she's doing with the bracelets, going out in the community making her presence known that there are good supporters out here and we back you. I couldn't ask for a better child," said Michelle Gooch.

Taylor started this project two years ago when she was 7.

She doesn't know exactly how many bracelets she's handed out, but her hat is completely covered in signatures.

She hopes to keep handing out bracelets to all police departments in the Northland.

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