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Fitger’s Brewhouse celebrates 25 years in business

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DULUTH, MN -- Fitger's Brewhouse and Grille marked its 25th anniversary in Duluth Friday.

The owners celebrated a milestone with the release of their tangy red ale, known as Cherry Batch Ale.

Co-owners, Rod Raymond and Tim Nelson initially wanted a bagel shop, but after visiting a few breweries, their minds were made up.

And they opened to the public in September of 1995 in the historic Fitger’s Brewery Complex.

“Back in 1995, fruited ales and craft beer were unimaginable here. I drank Hamm’s, you know, land of the sky-blue waters,” said Rod Raymond about the culture of the city at the time Fitger’s Brewhouse opened. “Now, twenty-five years later, look at what has evolved all over the city since the time we introduced our flagship beer, Apricot Wheat Ale. Duluth is a vibrant, exciting craft beer destination for Minnesota.”

For more information about Fitger’s Brewhouse, click here.

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