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Online petition calls on Chisholm mayor to retract public support of President Trump

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CHISHOLM, MN-- Six northeastern Minnesota mayors are getting national attention after signing a letter supporting President Trump's re-election campaign.

The letter that first came to light during Vice President Mike Pence's recent visit to Duluth on Friday.

Among the mayors is Chisholm's John Champa.

"I wouldn't consider myself a conservative or a liberal for that matter. I'd vote for both parties," said Champa. "I believe President Trump's policies support mining, logging, things that the other side with their environmental agenda seems to hold back on."

Champa's public support for President Trump has some voters saying they don't feel the Mayor's words represent the entire city fairly.

Karen Marino is one of the residents, "His vote should be private and personal, just like everyone else's. Whether you're a Republican or Democrat he's supposed to represent the city as a whole."

A number of residents have started a social media campaign, including a Facebook petition asking mayor Champa to retract his support.

Marino said, "I think he made a mistake. And I would like him to retract, and let the Chisholm citizens decide for themselves who they want to vote for."

Meanwhile, Champa says people disagreeing was to be expected.

"I took a personal political stand, which I have a right to do. And obviously not everyone's political ideology on this subject matches mine," he said.

But one thing he says is for certain, he won't be going back on his word.

"I have no intention of retracting my endorsement of President Trump," said Champa.

The Chisholm City Council is considering a resolution reaffirming the city remain a neutral entity when it comes to politics.

Mayor Champa added he supports the city council's resolution.

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