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Madeline Island Skate Park receives update after community donation

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LA POINTE, WI-- A new half pipe was installed at the skate park on Madeline Island Tuesday.

The city didn't fund this much-needed update—instead, one man who took the improvements into his own hands.

Olivier Vrambout from Bayport, MN, and long time visitor of the island, went to the city a month ago asking what could be done about the run-down park.

"There's a lot of kids that use it, and I think it is great if we could help out," Vrambout said. "They said we don't have a whole lot of funding right now but will support you in whatever way we can."

Vrambout invested $8,000 for a new half-pipe and other related costs. He also helped put it all together.

"Its kind of a gift for the community and for the visitors," Vrambout said.

It's a gift that Samantha Dobson, who runs youth programming on the island, says will have a big impact.

“For the kids in the community, it will give them a little bit of hope that people in the community care about the things that they care about," Dobson said.

Dobson said, over the years, the park has not been adequately maintained. She hopes this project will get kids involved in taking care of it.

"We're really trying to set the foundation for these younger kids to keep the space for them through their years," Dobson said.

After the halfpipe is completed, a lot more money will still have to be raised to complete the park.

"This is a big project, and it's an expensive project and the ramps only the start of it," Dobson said.

The goal is to raise at least $40,000 from the community to repave and add other additions to the park.

"Everyone is willing to help out, but there still a real cost factor associated with it," Vrambout said.

They hope to raise the money over the next few years.

The new half pipe is set to be finished Wednesday.

If you would like to make a donation to the Madeline Island Skate Park you can find their go-fund-me page here.

Natalie Grant

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