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Superior Mayor Jim Paine breaks down 2021 budget proposal

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SUPERIOR,WI-- The City of Superior plans on allocating over $31 million towards their general fund budget next year.

For the first time in city history, on Tuesday night, Superior's Mayor Jim Paine will put forth 3 different budgets that will go before the Superior City Council.

Mayor Jim Paine said making the budget plans was no easy task during the pandemic.

However, he believes the city has been preparing for this situation for years.

"We are prepared to meet whatever challenge comes at us from the pandemic. We will be able to do that without impacting citizens," Paine said at a press conference on Monday.

Mayor Paine said the proposed plans will be easy on tax-payers.

"We are doing all of this without collecting a single extra dollar in taxes for the citizens of Superior," Paine added.

He then broke down the plans, starting with the city's general fund plan which hopes to allocate nearly $31.5 million to different city departments.

It also plans to give $10,000 more to the police department to increase training opportunities and hire a social worker.

"That has been a goal for years now. We are all working together to make very real advancements in that goal and to show results. To make sure every citizen feels safe will be safe and, can trust the police are there to protect them," Paine said.

A second budget put forward is the Capital Improvement Plan which will allocate more than $5 million towards public safety investments. Focusing on snow removal.

"Now we are going to buy a machine to make that crew more efficient, we are going to give that crew more staff in the winter to make sure all safe routes are clear after a snowstorm," said Paine.

The final plan is something Mayor Paine said nothing has been done before.

It's a budget surplus allocation plan that will take an unspent $385,000 from last year's budget and put it towards different city funds.

Mayor Paine says all these plans keep in mind the citizens of Superior.

"We are going to have more services, we are going to have a better police department, we are going to have a better fire department, we will have a better parks department, you're going to see this stuff," Paine said.

Mayor Paine plans to present his proposal to the Superior City Council Tuesday night.

However, he does not believe they'll vote on it, as it usually takes time for each councilor to thoroughly analyze the plans.

John Cardinale

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