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Pumpkins thriving despite drought conditions

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DULUTH, MN -- It's been a dry and warm summer across most of the Northland, and while that isn't good for some crops, it helps local pumpkin farmers cash in.

Summer heat is a boost for the pumpkin crop at Farmer Doug's in Duluth.

"When we have a warm year, we have good years, and this year we are having a good warm-season crop year," said Doug Hoffbauer, owner of Farmer Doug's.

While it's been dry, the rain we have had came at the perfect time for Hoffbauer.

"We got the rains around the Fourth of July right about when that process starts so most of those first flowers set and produced fruit," he said.

With an acre of pumpkins to pick from, Hoffbauer said there is plenty of room to social distance when they open.

"If people just use common sense and if there's a family over there, well we will come over here. There's plenty of space and there's plenty of pumpkins," said Hoffbauer.

He said right now is the perfect time to buy a pumpkin, all it needs is some proper care.

"Keep it cool, keep it dry, keep it up in the air. On a porch is fine. If it looks like a hard frost coming, throw a blanket over it," said Hoffbauer.

Hoffbauer said they will open September 11th for people to come and pick a pumpkin and they ask you to make an appointment before arrival.

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