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Concerns grow over United States Postal Service

DULUTH, MN -- Duluth Mayor, Emily Larson spoke about her concerns on proposed cuts and changes to the United States Postal Service Monday.

"The mail and your prescriptions, paying your rent that is not a political act, that is getting through your day and getting through your life," said Mayor Larson.

Larson says, she, along with 170 other Mayors across the country signed
a letter saying they're concerned about what those changes could mean during the election season.

"In that letter we said, given the current and unpreceded public health crisis, we recognize voting by mail provides a way for citizens to exercise their constitutional rights and responsibilities without enlarging their health and that of their communities," said Mayor Larson.

By Larson's side was Senator Amy Klobuchar, who said her office has received numerous letters and calls from those worried about mail delays, "whether it is eggs that didn't reach farmers in time, whether it is ballots, or small business owners saying their employees didn't get the checks in the mail."

Todd Fawcett, American Postal Workers Union President added this is a topic close to his heart, working in this line of work for the past 27 years. He said, "We take it very seriously we are very dedicated."

Fawcett hopes the changes already made are restored. "We want to process our mail, do our jobs, and get it to the customer."

Mayor Larson added her team is working hard to make sure of it.
"We are tracking this, we are fighting to ensure that our united state postal services remain depoliticized and working accurately and fairly for everybody."

We reached out to the Minnesota GOP party for their response to Monday's press conference.

We did not hear back by news time.

We did hear back from the spokesperson for the USPS Northland Branch.

They said they haven't had any widescale delays reported in our region.
They added that the mail is moving as it should in Minnesota and their operations are running normally.

They did say the pandemic has had short-term impacts in some areas like any other business.

Lyanne Valdez

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