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COVID-19 forces cancellation of Annual Red Cliff Cultural Days

RED CLIFF, WI -- The pandemic has now postponed another annual event in Northwest Wisconsin.

At a Special Council meeting Wednesday, officials with Red Cliff Tribal Council took action and approved to cancel all tribal-sponsored gatherings and events until further notice.

Bayfield County has 30 positive cases with one death as of Thursday afternoon.

This includes the annual Red Cliff Cultural Days, which is held in September.

If you are with the boundaries of the Red Cliff Reservation, you are asked to wear a mask in all indoor spaces and outdoor spaces if you are within six feet of someone who's not a member of the person's family or household.

There are some exceptions to the face coverings ordinance, which include:

  • Children under five years old
  • Those with certain medical conditions.
  • Consuming food, drinking or smoking cigarettes
  • While driving, including passengers (doesn't include public transport)
  • Persons in settings where it is not practical or feasible to wear face coverings, including obtaining or rendering goods or services such as dental services or medical treatments.

For any Tribal Administration questions or concerns, call 715-779-3700.

For any health-related questions, call the Community Health Center at 715-779-3707.

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Austin Haskins

Meteorologist/Web Producer

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