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U.S. Congressman Tom Tiffany visits Superior

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Superior, WI-- Republican Congressman Tom Tiffany has held his seat in the U.S. House of Representatives for 3 months now.

After winning the special election on May 12th, the former state senator paid a visit to Superior on Wednesday.

"We wanted to come to Superior here to be able to see first of all UW Superior and many of the businesses operating here," Tiffany said.

The visit was an opportunity for Tiffany to hear the needs of the community and local businesses.

"Trying to get greater access for funds on the military side for these port facilities like a Frasier shipyard. So they can get business from federal contracts. We think they should get access to more of that," Tiffany said.

Tiffany also touched on education and what the immediate future should hold.

"It is really important that we get kids back in the classroom if possible because otherwise, we are going to lose a generation in terms of their education," Tiffany said.

Other changes on Tiffany's agenda is trying to shift control away from Washington and bring it back to the community for things like education.

"We will get better results when we have people in our communities making those decisions," Tiffany added.

While Tiffany said his goal is addressing these issues in the House of Representatives, he also is focusing on his upcoming election in November against Tricia Zunker, a familiar candidate.

"I have three things that I will be talking about throughout this campaign. Renewing the American dream. Restoring opportunity in America and Re-building our economy," said Tiffany

We reached out to Tricia Zunker on Wednesday as she also looks ahead to the November election.

She provided us a statement that said,

"The November 3rd election is coming up quickly and there's a lot to do before then. I'll be facing my same opponent from the special election back in May, Tom Tiffany. We know he has a lot of dark money coming in from outside sources funding his election again and he'll continue his failure to represent the people of Wisconsin as Congressman that he's already displayed. I'm doing everything I can right now to make sure that the road ends after the election. I'm safely reaching voters where they're at in this rural district, the best I can in a pandemic. I will continue to attend Zoom meetings that are happening throughout the district as well as hosting my own virtual meetings and events to hear from constituents. Our main priority is education about the candidates, the district, the campaign, and the election as a whole and what it means for the state of Wisconsin. We're working hard to build up our resources for a win in November, but it takes all of us and we're ready. I’m looking forward to representing the people in Wisconsin – I’m going to make sure we can get through this pandemic with resources everyone needs; ensure access to affordable, accessible health care; take on Big Pharma and drastically lower the cost of prescription drugs; bring good-paying jobs back to Wisconsin; and make sure our small and mid-size farmers have a voice in Congress."

John Cardinale

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