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‘Black Lives Matter’ sign vandalized multiple times on Gun Flint Trail

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GRAND MARAIS, MN -- The owner of Big Bear Lodge and Cabins on the Gun Flint trail is taking his voice to the road and it's causing quite the stir.

"If you don't agree with it just drive on by, that's all you gotta do," said the owner of the resort, Andy DeLisi.

DeLisi said Friday his 'Black Lives Matter' sign has been targeted three times, "I was a little miffed, you know, you don't like people taking your property."

The first two times, DeLisi placed two yard-style signs in front of his property. They were taken shortly after, so DeLisi decided to try again.

"I am exercising my first amendment right. I decided well I got some extra plywood hanging around, we'll make our own," said DeLisi.

The sturdier sign didn't stop one unidentified person from grabbing and throwing it.

The sign was targeted again by a couple and then struck another time by a different man.

"[He hit it] With his ram pick-up, he wasn't able to do much damage to it but nevertheless the attempt was made," said DeLisi.

This time DeLisi was able to get the license plate and reported it to the Cook County Sheriff's Office.

Cook County Sherrif, Pat Eliason said it's simple, if it's not yours don't touch it, "everybody has the right to express themselves and express their beliefs."

DeLisi said his support to end racial inequality stems from when he was a young private in the Military.

"My first NCOIC was a black man named Sergeant First Class Robert L. Hudson and
he became my mentor and a second father to me, it kind of chokes me up when I think about it but it's for him too," said DeLisi.

DeLisi added his support won't stop now, "I got plenty of plywood, plenty of black paint. We're good."

Sherrif Eliason said Friday, the latest incident is going to be referred to the Cook County attorney for possible charges.

Lyanne Valdez

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