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Parents consider home-schooling after Gov. Walz’s announces back-to-school plan

DULUTH, MN-- After Governor Walz announced Thursday what school will look like for the school year some parents are taking teaching into their own hands.

Angela Hansen may have her eight and ten-year-old kids continue learning at the kitchen table.

"We're considering homeschooling. We're looking at what the schools going to offer," said Hansen.

Hansen and her husband have concerns when it comes to the consistency and scheduling the school year will bring.

"That routine and consistency, at there age they need it so bad," adds Hansen. "And their mental health, you know? We'd rather have a play date with one or two trustworthy kids."

Since both parents work from home, they can structure homeschooling accordingly.
They're looking into online programs like Connections Academy K-12.

They said knowing when and where the kids are learning would ease stress for everyone.

"I think it'll give us a good routine. Also, it's just safety, not just for our immediate family, but extended family," adds Hansen.

For ten-year-old Isabella, she doesn't want to worry about being sent back home for remote learning should COVID cases spike. "That would be weird," she said.

She adds, not having traditional homework wouldn't be such a bad thing. "Yeah probably, no homework!"

Both parents said they'll wait for the Duluth School Board to lay out a full plan at Tuesday night's meeting before making any final decisions.

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