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Tech expert gives advice to families considering remote learning

DULUTH, MN -- The school supply list for 2020 just got a little longer.

As districts across Minnesota roll out their individual learning plans for the start of the fall school year, some schools across the state are having children stay home to learn.

IT Director at, Travus Elm said Friday parents should ask school officials now what your child will need to save you a trip to the store later on.

"… if you're going to school you probably have that stuff available there but when you're at home, what do you do?" said Elm.

Next, is making sure your internet connection is reliable.

"Internet connection, you know they kind of say 25 is the high-speed or starting of high-speed but really you need to look at upload, what is the upload quality," said Elm.

Elm added having a good upload speed makes for a clearer video chat.

A quiet place can also keep your children on track.

"Finding a room in the house that is quiet so you can hear and again, its the headset, earbuds and having that noise isolation and not having the rest of that family make noise so they can actually listen to what the teacher is saying," said Elm.

Elm added a second screen could be useful for taking notes.

"A second screen is a kind of one of the big things, kind of optional but it is nice. It really is more productive that way. Instead of having to write it on a sheet of paper, the paper gets lost. It's on your screen and you can save it," said Elm.

Investing in protection software could also be beneficial.

"Your kid is being video broadcasted across the internet and whatever they're typing, whatever they're searching could be compromised if you don't have good protection on it," said Elm.

Lyanne Valdez

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