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Positive COVID cases pop up at multiple Ashland businesses


ASHLAND, WI -- The Ashland County Health and Human Services Department issued a statement Tuesday on the heightened risks of being infected by COVID-19 in public places.

Places that do not practice CDC recommended guidelines like requiring masks or keeping six feet apart are more likely to catch the virus, according to health officials.

"This is not intended to lay blame on any local businesses, anyone who tests positive, or other locations identified, said Ashland County Health and Human Services, spokesperson."

The statement urges people to be as diligent as possible as people without symptoms can still spread the virus.

Public Health officials confirmed positive cases at the following locations:

L & M Fleet Supply in Ashland, WI on July 16 and July 20.

River Rock Inn & Bait Shop in Ashland, WI on July 16.

Bear Crossing in Glidden, WI on July 16.

Walmart Super Center in Ashland, WI on July 20.

Officials say to monitor symptoms if you have been in any of the above establishments.

Read more on symptoms here.

Ashland is the latest Wisconsin city to consider a mandatory mask rule.

The ordinance has been debated in meetings going back to May, Tuesday the City Council will discuss the matter again.

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Molly Wasche

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