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Virginia woman creates life-sized monopoly board

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VIRGINIA, MN- What was supposed to be a fun little project with her daughter.

"We were going to do it with chalk. So we went out and bought some chalk. I suggested we go out to the front and she said no mom that won't let us do the whole board," said Dianna Brennan.

Ended up turning into a much much bigger endeavor.

"She decided we should do it in the driveway and I thought if we were going to do it that big, we need to do it with paint and do a better job then I was thinking," added Brennan.

Dianna Brennan of Virginia created a life-sized monopoly board complete with all the pieces and even fake money.

Brennan says the game has been a huge part of her family's life.

"When we were kids we used to play it all the time and there are four of us. As soon as winter break came we immediately started playing. We'd keep a notebook and you could go into debt as much as you wanted to," said Brennan.

Brennan admits it was no easy task creating the 17 by 17-foot board. She had plenty of help including a family friend who happens to be an artist.

I'm happy with how it turned out. I wish it wasn't so hot when I was making it, would've been nice to do it in the fall or something but I like it, it gets a lot of attention," said Mike Moe.

A seven week process that Brennan says she's thankful she went through with.

"I was grateful to be done with it, I never really saw the whole picture until all of a sudden a parade of cars were going past and people were walking by and making comments and stopping. I realized wow it's actually pretty cool," said Brennan.

Brennan added in the future she's considering letting people come over to play the game on her driveway.

Neil Vierzba

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