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Masks Mandatory in Minnesota Starting Saturday

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DULUTH, MN. -- A big announcement made Wednesday by Governor Tim Walz. Masks will now be mandatory inside public places starting Saturday throughout the state.

This adds Minnesota to the list of more than two dozen states already under a mask mandate.

Come Saturday, all across the state of Minnesota, masks will be required in all indoor public areas.

During a press conference Wednesday, Governor Walz said he believes this mandate will help keep people safe and save lives.

"This is the way, the cheapest most effective way, for us to open up our businesses, for us to get our kids back in school, for us to keep our grandparents healthy, and for us to get back that life we miss so much," said Walz.

Masks will be mandatory in indoor, public businesses, on public transportation, and for those who work outdoors who cannot stay six feet away from customers.

Masks will not be required when at home, in your car, or outside.

"If we can get a 90-95% compliance which we have seen the science shows, we can reduce the infection rates dramatically which slows that spread and breaks that chain," said Walz.

Wednesday's statewide mandate comes after cities like Duluth and Cloquet announced their mask requirements.

For other cities, this announcement comes before they could set their regulations.

Unfortunately, the city of Proctor discussed it after the last meeting and added it to their agenda in two weeks. We will obviously comply with the mandate and we feel it's the safest and best way to handle this virus at the time," said Chad Ward, Proctor Mayor.

As for if Proctor will add any extra mandates for the city, Ward said they are closely monitoring the situation but won't be adding anything anytime soon.

"We will look at the governor's orders and see if we should make changes to it as far as increasing it or making the mask-wearing more mandatory if different areas, but as of right now we will just continue following the governor's orders and doing what he feels is the safety and best way to control this," said Ward.

For more information on the mandate, click here.

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