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Hermantown district working on three possible plans for 2020 school year

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HERMANTOWN, MN -- Parents are feeling the heat more than usual this summer as they anxiously wait to see if they can send their children back to school come fall.

President Trump has been pressuring state officials and the Centers for Disease control to make it happen. The CDC, however, isn't giving in.

"There's a lot going on right now to think about," said Hermantown mother of two and school board members, Dianna Mathews.

Mathews said Friday her children are ready to go back.

"My elementary schooler really, really missed his teachers and his classmates and that day to day interaction," Mathews added.

Hermantown School Superintendent, Wayne Whitwam, says the district is working hard to prepare for whatever may come their way.

"We are really preparing three different models. We are preparing the distance learning, the hybrid, and if students can come back," said Whitwam.

Whichever model they plan to introduce depends on the Departments of Health and Education and Governor Tim Walz.

"The CDC is also coming out with guidelines. So we are keeping track of all of them and making sure we fit within those guidelines," said Whitwam.

Even so, Whitwam said their plan could change depending on the severity of coronavirus in Minnesota.

"We also don't know the year might start with one of those models and we might have to switch as the year progresses," said Whitwam.

Whitwam said Friday they really have one goal in mind.

"We want students to be back at the same time we want to keep everyone safe. So it’s trying to balance those two things," said Whitwam.

He said if a parent doesn’t agree with the plan they choose, they’ll find a way to best accommodate the student.

The Minnesota Department of Education and the Governor are expected to make an announcement regarding school plans on July 27th.

Lyanne Valdez

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