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Virginia family counts their blessings after losing home in fire

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VIRGINIA, MN -- A Virginia family is thankful and safe tonight after their home was completely destroyed by a fire.

The fire happened on Sunday around 11 a.m. on the 700 block of 11th Street North in Virginia.

Alexis Staffa and her family lived in the home and said it was far from a typical Sunday morning.

"My husband was the first to wake up and I just heard him say 'fire oh my god,'" Staffa said.  

Hearing her husband's panic Alexis immediately got out of bed.

"I go to the door the doorknob wasn't hot so I opened it. I got blasted in the face with heat and dark smoke. I slammed the door as fast as I could and ran to grab her," Staffa said.

After grabbing her daughter Zelda, her family quickly realized the only way to survive the nightmare they had been trapped in was to get out.

"We climbed out the window as fast as we could and as soon as I got on the roof with her I started screaming 'help, I have a toddler fire,'" Staffa said.

That help quickly arrived as Officer MacLean, from the Virginia Police Department arrived on the scene.  

"As I rolled up and got out of my squad car there was a male a female and a toddler climbing out of the windows onto the roof," MacLean said.

Officer MacLean was the first responder on the scene and immediately got to work asking nearby neighbors if they had a ladder.

"The neighbors came back held a ladder for me at that point I went up and grabbed the toddler and climbed down with her," MacLean said.  

The Staffa family is thankful for Officer MacLeans quick actions.

"I just say thank you and God bless you because if it was a minute longer someone would have gotten hurt," Staffa said.  

Thankfully, no one was hurt during the fire. Officer MacLean said the community played a role in that.

"Thanks to the neighbors who came out held a ladder for me without them we would have been waiting for the fire department they are just as much hero's as we are," MacLean said.  

A collaborative effort to save human lives something that can't be replaced.

"Keep your family close, enjoy whatever little mundane thing you do in life because you never know when you might lose that," Staffa said.

The family also acknowledged the outpouring support they have received so far from the community.

A Facebook page is now online supporting the family.

If you would like to donate to the family you can here.

John Cardinale

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