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Coronavirus positive: KBJR 6’s Matt Halverson shares his story

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DULUTH, MN-- You might have noticed back in March, KBJR 6 Sports Anchor Matt Halverson was off air for about a month.

That's because he and his fiance Alyson Reum were among the very first people to test positive for Coronavirus in St. Louis County.

It all started in early March when they flew to Utah for vacation.

"This was when COVID was just starting to be a thing so we were a little hesitant but we still had the trip planned and didn't want to back out," said Reum.

They arrived at their lodge, but after three days of skiing, everything changed.

The Coronavirus cancellations began, including their lodge shutting down.

"Just seeing every sport, dropping like flies and everything was serious," said Halverson.

They flew home, keeping their distance from other people, and for the first couple of days felt fine.

Then Reum got a bad headache that wouldn't go away.

"Then it started switching to shortness of breath, like, going up the stairs I was like, wow, I can't totally breathe and we just skied for a week so I should be in shape hopefully," she said.

Halverson started showing symptoms, too.

"My fever, for the whole weekend, was above 101 and we couldn't get it to go down," he said. "We were just thinking, there's no way this is Coronavirus."

A test a few days later confirmed they were both positive for the virus.

"I was just in disbelief," said Reum. "I cannot have this virus, I'm 25 years old, young!"

"This is a global pandemic and now I'm part of it," Halverson said he remembers thinking.

They were both very sick. Halverson said he lost his sense of taste and smell.

He coughed for about a month. Even now, he said during strenuous activity, he feels like he can't quite take a full breath.

It took weeks for them to feel back to normal.

"It was a scary situation," said Halverson. "Even though I never felt like my life was in danger, I don't think, but I was very sick and it was very serious."

In the meantime, their life turned upside down. They bought a house and moved.

Halverson and Reum were also supposed to get married in July, but decided it wasn't safe for family and friends.

"We had to put off the wedding for a year," said Halverson.

"We have to send out new change the dates," said Reum. "They're kind of funny."

Love is contagious, but so is Coronavirus. It's a lesson they learned all too well.

"This is something that will take you out of work. It could potentially threaten your life. It could threaten the lives of those around you that you love," said Halverson.

As cases surge again around the country, it's a message the pair hopes others hear, before they also find out the hard way.

"This isn't fake. This is real life and it happened to us and it could happen to other people too," said Halverson.

Bonney Bowman

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